"Candy Molds Made of Live Rubber"

Testimonial Letter from Satisfied Customer

Voorhees Rubber Mfg. Co., Inc.
Newark, Maryland 21841

Joann Cropper, Managing Director

Dear Ms. Cropper,
Sorry I couldn't answer your letter sooner. I've been ill.

I have been using your rubber molds for more than 10 years. Don't let anyone tell you that you should not pour anything into the molds hotter than 160*F - I have been pouring hard candy into mine for more than 10 yrs - the oldest of the molds are just as "live and flexible" as the newer ones. Hard candies must be cooked to at least 300*F and poured at once or the candy will harden in the pot. We use upwards of 600 lbs. of sugar, over the holidays. Any cookbook will have recipes for hard candies.

The molds can also be used to make decorations for cakes. Use a butter creme icing, color and flavor, add confectioners sugar until the icing is the consistancy of "play dough", take a small portion, roll into a ball, press into desired mold, scrape off excess with straight edge knife or spatula - unmold at once onto flat surface.

Milk chocolate candies can also be made in the molds. Chill molds in refrigerator - melt chocolate over hot water - not too hot - chocolate should be about 80*F - pour into chilled molds - return to refrigerator for a short time, until chocolate has hardened - then unmold. Ergo - peepies and bunnies for Easter - lots cheaper than you can buy.

Mrs. C.H. Statnecker

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