"Candy Molds Made of Live Rubber"

History of Voorhees Candy Rubber Molds

1. Invented by Walter E. Coleman and Patented January 25, 1887.

2. Voorhees Company started in 1898, by Mr. John J. Voorhees.

3. Voorhees manufactured the molds for Coleman from March 23, 1912 giving Coleman 10% of the net sales of candy molds.

4. November 16, 1946, Voorhees purchased the entire right, title and Patents.

5. The molds were made in Jersey City, N.J. (No. 20-56 Bostwick Avenue until it moved its operation to Quabaug Rubber Company in North Brookfield, Massachusetts around 1930.

6. In the 40's, Voorhees opened its own plant in South Norwalk, Connecticut. They remained there until Walter Tompkins, partner, passed away.

7. Mr. Earl, at that time, purchased Tompkins shares of stock and moved the manufacturing to be done by a Mr. Edgar D. Snyder at Northwood Plastic and Rubber Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

8. In 1955, Mr. Snyder decided he didn't want to make the molds anymore so Mr. Earl then moved his manufacturing to Artcraft Rubber Co., in Pottstown, PA.

9. Mr. Lemuel B. Cropper learned the manufacturing procedure at Artcraft from 1967 to 1970 when he moved the manufacturing to Neward, Maryland.

10. The Executive offices were located in New Jersey until around 1930 when they moved to New York.

11. They remained in New York until 1962 when Mr. Earl moved them to Berlin, MD.

12. Lemuel B. and Joann Cropper purchased the entire company from Mr. Earl in January, 1980 and moved the executive offices to Newark, MD., where the entire operation takes place.

13. In 1995, Richard & Terry Jackson purchased the company from Lemuel Cropper, after 5 years of working and learning the trade.

Voorhees Rubber Mfg. Co., Inc. ~ PO Box 27 ~ Newark, Md 21841 ~ phone (410) 632-1582 ~ fax (410) 632-1522